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Don't attack what you hate. Create what you love.

“Speak a new language so that the world will be a new world.” — Rumi To speak a new language means to bring fresh meaning to what we say, the way we show up and how we communicate our truth. A new language implies a freshness in perspective... a novel viewpoint, an impulse toward creation—rather than a regurgitation of the past. To speak a new language implies that you may feel, think or perceive the world differently at first than those around you... It may require you to stand up for more than just yourself. The challenge is to speak a new language wherever we are, wherever you find yourself. And to question the worn-out ideologies that predominate. If we truly want to shift away from 3-D culture, we must create spaces where those paradigms are not promoted. But that is not enough. We cannot challenge the old ideologies without offering something in replacement.

Creating a “new language” is that replacement. To say something about what you see and feel in a new way... to try something new... to be a braver version of yourself... to find your voice and speak your truth with compassion, dignity and grace—these are important next steps. Communicate differently. Use your new vision to translate fresh thoughts.

- Laurie Maddox

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