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If you’re feeling disconnected, grow down. Plumb the depths to learn more and grow in resilience. Deepen your roots and connection to the earth, to yourself, and even to your own pain. Intensify your own pain until you can burn off what is superfluous, unneeded…and release the years of accumulated hurt and pain back out into the universe…leaving only what is essential for you to continue, and to be able to move forward once again, into your future. The spiritual path mirrors the alchemical process of finding one’s inner gold by reducing and refining to reach one’s true essence. Your essential nature is worthy of your pursuit, as it reveals who you are, and what makes you exquisite and unique.

Many people in today's culture have moved out of heart-centered awareness, so they are living in the mind only. For these people it will be hard for them to offer truth or compassion to themselves or others. This deep sense of frustration can lead to emotional aggression and abuse (these are synonymous) or physical abuse and aggression. After we recognize the struggles that lead to chronic frustration, like anxiety and economic limitation or inequities, we have actions we can take that involve strengthening ourselves. It is possible to protect yourself from emotional aggression. Recognizing it is the first step. Next is disallowing it. Refusing to be the receptacle for someone else’s unprocessed psychological and emotional refuse. You are not a waste management system for the people in your life.

Sometimes the next step is simply to "keep going". Continue to go in the direction of your dreams. Stand in your own power and deepen your roots to gain stability. We are a part of the natural world and can rely on our own natural resources within to build our resilience and to rediscover the source of our inner wisdom and healing intelligence. Contemplative states, altered states of consciousness and transcendent or numinous experiences bring more wisdom into conscious awareness for us to utilize and navigate our relationships and daily responsibilities. These experiences remind us that there is more to life than meets the eye when merely living on the surface, and more to be experienced when we grow down into the depths because we dare to know more.

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