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As we are attempting to make a huge turn in consciousness... this transitional “course correction” may escalate as the old-world view clashes with the new-world view. An increase in tension often proceeds the birthing of a new paradigm. Any period of radical change, requires mental and spiritual preparedness... so honor your steps, each one, that brings you closer to the genuine heart of compassion. Because each challenge is there to remind you of who you are, and why you came here to awaken... rather than remain a preset program of predictable responses.

There is a new way of being unfolding within and through you. And a new way of being is just another way to say “your presence,” or how others feel in your presence. As you become new... your words, language, thoughts, ideas, agendas, priorities—all will shift and change. Your body language and intentions may even shift suddenly as well. What you want from interactions with others may be different. All kinds of odd feelings may constellate, but just keep going.

Take your time in the creation process... don’t rush out... for fear that time is running out for you. Take time. Look around. Enjoy the views. Breathe and laugh. Set your boundaries. Decide your limits. Respect your own emotions. If you need time for renewal, take it. Then plot your course. But take your steps gently and mindfully. Look for like-minded companions on your new road!!! (they exist) those who have also heard the call to create something new. Fear-based methods are no longer hidden. Let your heart be your guide. And intuit your next steps on some of the slipperiest slopes for navigating a new passageway.

Being an echo of the past is not the final story.

- Laurie Maddox

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