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Alchemical Dream: Ascension

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

The evolution of consciousness is the true revolution that we're looking for. Without changing ourselves, we cannot change anything. Sometimes we resist admitting that we need to heal. We become apathetic only focusing on the light, or distracting ourselves from the darkness by helping others.

It is time now for accountability. It is time to be accountable for what you do, think, and create in your life. The daunting proposition could be that it is time to dive in, feel the pain, surrender, forgive, and release all that no longer serves us.

The transformation doesn't begin with the institution. It starts with the individual human heart. It starts right here, inside ourselves. This, right here and now, is a process... and you're dancing through it. We will ALWAYS have a tribe of people that love and support us. Why not behave in a way that is true to yourself and have that tribe show up in their full light? Your new environments and relationships you choose to create will be the ones that set you up for joy and success.

Our healing truly comes from putting ourselves in environments (groups, careers, friendship circles, relationships) where we thrive, because then we grow more confident and curious. It's when we have the greatest positive effect on people. That's where the best long-term healing is done... in BEING.

We all want to avoid pain... but the biggest lessons come from releasing how you may feel or concern for what you may or may not have tomorrow. If you don't have the love and happiness today in a relationship, are you lowering your standards and level of self-respect by staying? Are you compromising your own integrity out of fear of being alone, or fear of abandonment? If your value is not being fully recognized, then move to a more supportive environment. If the boundaries of what you're willing to accept keep getting pushed, then you may end up in a place feeling “this isn't OK for my life,” and then you have to make changes.

First you have to acknowledge where your standards are, and pivot towards joy and gratitude. You are worthy of all the gifts of the universe. It starts with loving yourself to do something scary and uncomfortable. Consider that the healing you do for yourself-- you also do for others as well.

Sometimes we realize that we need to leave some things behind. Parts of ourselves, habits crutches, mindsets and ways of being. I'm attached and sentimental and also addicted to these “habits of mind” and tend to see them as part of me, or inseparable from me.

There's a big difference between who you are and who you've been (and who you thought you were.) Awaken from your dream of suffering. Let burn all that is not of your essence or essential nature. Let the alchemical fires renew your spirit, so that when the process is complete, you rise... you fly... out of the fire and mount on wings like eagles. Soar. Fly high above the tangled fray... see with new eyes... and feel with your whole heart the joy that anoints you-- for your battle which is hard won, as you carry forward... ascending to your next destiny... in newness of life.

Trust the universe. You deserve to be healed. You are worth it. It is your time to let your heart heal.

-Laurie Maddox

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