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Alchemical Dream: Awakening into Infinity

Updated: Feb 5, 2022

Don't be afraid to love yourself and to set your own standards for what you want in your life. You are not worthless; you are not guilty, and you have to stop telling yourself this.

There are still many possibilities for what you can create. Your life is not trivial. You have personal freedom and dignity. Condemning and accusing yourself must disintegrate and evanescence. You do not have to remain enslaved by these chronic accusations, and the mental programs of self-loathing. You do not have to look at life the way your parents do. You do not have to see everything as horrible and problematic. If we can accept our innate shipwrecked lostness, then we can start to make meaning out of this chaos.

To fully accept your weakness and helplessness is an awareness that can bring you to faith... in a more secure power, in an ultimate power. Acceptance is followed by a new freedom erupting from the heart of creation and grounded in the “invisible” mystery of the infinite... the transcendent reality that supports, mirrors and informs the material world.

Take some time to reflect and withdraw from life to cultivate your authentic talent and develop your vocation-- to enrich yourself and others.

In order to set free the spirit trapped inside of one's conditioned existence, we are sometimes called to throw off our cultural defenses and live unguarded--standing undefended to transcend the anxiety of our human finitude.

-Laurie Maddox

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