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Celebrate The 
Exploration of Consciousness

Welcome to the Orlando Psychedelic Society (OPS), where growth and connection await you. Step into a world where the boundaries of consciousness are expanded, and the transformative power of psychedelics is embraced.


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Listen to the Consciousness House

In this episode, Orlando Psychedelic Society, Founder Dr. Laurie Maddox interviews Tyler March, LMHC about Ketamine therapy, the role diet plays in our overall mental health, and what impact the way we treat our bodies has on our psyche.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Orlando Psychedelic Society is to establish an inclusive community that educates and celebrates the exploration of consciousness.


We Offer:

  • A community that supports curiosity creativity, and self-expression.

  • Support for your spiritual awakening, psychological healing, and consciousness expansion.

  •  Educational events and courses to enhance your psychedelic experiences. harm reduction.

**A safe space for integrating psychedelic journeys.

Get to Know Us

OPS hopes to broaden awareness of the value of psychedelics by making the transition from fear to curiosity in the public eye.

OPS believes that the way to neutralize fear is through spreading knowledge.

We see psychedelics as a powerful tool to access the numinous realm, reach different levels of consciousness to solve global problems in novel ways and heal the human mind on an individual level.

We consider our relationship with mother earth, to the animals, and all of humanity to be sacred and worthy of protection.

We believe these substances are a gift to our spiritual evolution and the collective healing of humanity.

Get in Touch with Us

121 E Steele St
Orlando, Florida 32804


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